Classique Academy
Classique Academy is structured in the spirit of the "One
Room Schoolhouse".  This setting enables a sense of
community and caring to develop which remains with our
students throughout their lives

Each school section consists of a single classroom with
students spanning 3-4 grade levels:

Lower School (Preschool through Kindergarten)
Elementary School (1st through 3rd grade)
Middle School (4th through 8th grade)

This structure naturally fosters peer tutoring:  Older students
gain valuable interpersonal skills and confidence as they assist
those having difficulty in mastering any lesson.  Confidence
grows as older students become the leaders and most capable
mentors to the younger students.  In turn, the younger students
have the security of knowing that someone will always be
there to assist them.  They also benefit greatly from observing
the work of their more experienced peers.
Classique Academy

Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann