Classique Academy

Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann
Classique Academy
Classique Academy offers a Homework Assistance Program
that is second to none!  

Students from area schools are given assistance with their
written homework so that it is complete and correct.  This
means that reading and studying are the only things that must
be done when they go home.  We insist on neatness; and,
students are expected to have their assignments and all
necessary books each day.

Should a student have difficulty with any concept, we will
help them to understand it so that they may be successful at
school. Any significant difficulties are communicated
promptly to parents so that additional assistance may be given
at home.

Homework Assistance takes place Mondays through
Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00 P.M.  Once students have
completed their assignments for the day, they may play
outside when weather/time permits; or, they may play indoors.  

Fridays are "Happy Days" and are available at no cost to
students enrolled in our Homework Assistance Program.
Students are able to relax and have fun after their long week of

Although not all families take advantage of the following
offerings, they are available free of charge and only to
students enrolled in our Homework Assistance Program:

*Morning/afternoon transportation to/from Joe Davies     
*Morning/afternoon bus service to/from Lacoste Elementary
*Afternoon transportation to Our Lady of Prompt Succor
*Attendance on days/holidays when any student's school is not
in session during the school term provided Classique is open.